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Europe Day

It's Europe Day today, which marks peace and unity across Europe, and it all feels a bit poignant. Scotland belongs in Europe, and that's as clear as it ever was.

The current bull-headed refusal of the UK Government to accept that an extension to the transition period is essential is as frustrating as it is worrying. That position can't hold.

The Covid-19 emergency must be the sole focus of Europe’s collective efforts as figures from multiple organisations show the stark impact of the crisis on the economy. It would be unthinkable for the UK government to hammer the economy further with a hard Brexit at a time when it will need all the help it can get to protect jobs, businesses and living standards.

Securing an extension is the only responsible option. Crashing out of the EU with a bad deal or no deal this year would be the final blow for many businesses that are already struggling to survive - and it would leave people even poorer and worse off at a

time of greatest need.


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