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  • Kirsten

EU Settlement Scheme Debate

This evening, the SNP brought a debate on the EU Settlement Scheme, calling for scrapping or an emergency extension to the EU Settlement Scheme - as thousands of EU citizens face losing their right to live and work in the UK.

This issue affects many of our friends and neighbours in East Renfrewshire, and is yet another sorry side effect of Brexit.

Boris Johnson broke his commitment to grant EU citizens automatic leave to remain and he will bear ultimate responsibility if thousands of EU citizens, who have lived in the UK for years or decades, lose their rights. Meantime, my colleagues and I will do all we can to help our constituents.

This is no way to treat people whose home is here just as much as mine or anyone else's. This policy is not fit for purpose, and it's not fit for Scotland's needs either.

Yet another reason why we need the full powers of independence so we can make better policy, fit for an open outward looking, European, independent Scotland.


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