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  • Kirsten

Energy Price Cap

The energy price cap rise announced by Ofgem this week will hit many households across East Renfrewshire - and I am very concerned about the impact of this spiralling Tory cost of living crisis, as energy bills, inflation and interest rates soar.

The announcements by Rishi Sunak are utterly inadequate and look like a cynical con trick, like a £200 'buy now, pay later' loan rather than what the Chancellor is falsely spinning as a 'discount'.

As things stand, the pitiful measures announced won't even mitigate the soaring cost of energy bills - let alone the cumulative impact of Tory cuts, regressive tax hikes, Brexit, and rising inflation. The majority of families will still be hundreds or thousands of pounds worse off this year.

The loan should be turned into a grant, and a meaningful financial package to be introduced to protect household incomes in the face of Tory cuts and tax hikes.

What the Chancellor needs to be doing is delivering a major energy grant, reversing Tory Universal Credit cuts, matching the Scottish Child Payment UK-wide, and introducing a Real Living Wage without further delay.

I would like to highlight a couple of advice and support lines, which I would urge those who have concerns to contact:

Firstly, the Home Heating Support Fund is open until March 31st, and applications can be made through local authorities, housing associations, and some charities.

More information:

Individuals can also directly contact Advice Direct Scotland for support and advice. Their freephone number is 0800 800 9060, and their website:


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