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  • Kirsten

Energy Bills Rise

Energy bills are set to rise further in the new year.

Scotland is energy-rich, but many of our citizens are fuel-poor.

The rise in energy bills is greater in real terms: Ofgem changed the way they calculate ‘typical use’ of energy.

Households using the same amount of energy will be paying at least £2,000 a year - a rise of 9%

This rise comes as new figures show energy debt at its highest ever level - reaching £2.6 billion.

Families are still paying back last year’s bills, while paying energy bills that are still twice as high as they were in 2021.

Despite calls from the SNP to re-introduce the £400 energy bill rebate this winter, both the King’s Speech and the Autumn Statement failed to do so.

Westminster is ignoring reality, and Scotland’s families are yet again paying the price.


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