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  • Kirsten

EDM: Women's Rights in Afghanistan

Many constituents have been in touch, deeply concerned and upset at scenes playing out in Afghanistan. None of us can have failed to be moved and troubled by what we see. Along with cross-party colleagues, I have written to the UK Government, urging them to mount the world-leading, compassionate response which is needed to support this very pressing crisis.

The UK Government promises to date on refugees are welcome, and I am glad they are minded to act. However, the proposals are far too little, and far too late. We need urgent action now, and we absolutely must do better than the woefully inadequate numbers the UK Government is looking to resettle.

This is the issue of the day but the crisis will be long, and very difficult. All Governments must step up and provide practical support, and do their bit. The Scottish Government is ready to do that, and I know our community would expect nothing less.

As well as the pressing need to get people out of Afghanistan, many constituents have contacted me with particular concerns about the plight of women and girls under the Taliban regime.

With female MP colleagues, we have made contact with counterparts in Afghanistan to offer support and solidarity. As SNP spokesperson for Women and Equalities, I have tabled the Early Day Motion below. We need to acknowledge the particular peril women and girls face, but words and hand wringing won't do the job here. They need to be matched by action, and practical support for those stuck in the middle of this terrible situation not of their making.


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