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  • Kirsten

EDM - Supermarket Workers

Retail workers have toiled away throughout the pandemic, and kept the shelves stocked with essentials, and the tills working, so we could all get our shopping in. They don't always get the plaudits they should, and I know that they are very much appreciated.

I am grateful to GMB and USDAW for their support to those affected in relation to this mismatch between the words and action of Asda who generously granted their staff including those in our Barrhead and Newton Mearns stores a day off on Boxing Day by closing their stores - but then insisted they pay for it themselves using their leave allocation.

As well as taking this up with Asda, I have tabled an Early Day Motion flagging this issue, and highlighting the exceptional contribution retail staff are making though these difficult times.

You can read more about this in the Barrhead news, here:

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