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EDM: National Autistic Society East Renfrewshire Branch

I am very pleased to have tabled an Early Day Motion at Westminster to highlight the work of the East Renfrewshire Branch of the National Autistic Society (NAS).

The branch is run by a committee of volunteers made up of autistic adults and parents of autistic children.

The branch aims to support and create opportunities for those affected by autism in East Renfrewshire and to raise autism awareness.

NAS volunteers provide monthly information sessions offering support and information to autistic people and their families. These sessions cover topics such as Post-School Transition and help for parents to talk to their child about their diagnosis.

The volunteers were extremely busy on social media during Autism Awareness Week (29 March to 4 April) during which they posted a fact a day about autism in an effort to dispel some of the myths associated with autism.

The branch will relaunch its ‘Stepping Stones’ initiative in May to assist East Renfrewshire parents and carers with information on understanding autism, education rights and entitlements, and signposting parents and carers to East Renfrewshire services.

In March 2021 the East Renfrewshire Branch of NAS celebrated its first year of operation. I commend the volunteers for their work during a very difficult first year, and look forward to meeting them in the near future to discuss the needs of people living with autism and their families.

In response to news of Kirsten’s motion, East Renfrewshire Branch of NAS said:

“It has been quite a year since we launched in March 2020. Within 2 weeks the world changed and we weren't sure what the year would bring. However, we adapted and persevered by moving our information sessions online and fundraising where restrictions allowed.

“We have more information sessions organised, another Stepping Stones planned and our adult social group will start as soon as restrictions allow. “We also have an exciting new project starting after the summer called The Trummies, which is designed to help children learn to appreciate and value difference within their school community. “Genuine autism acceptance, respect, support and inclusion is what we want for East Renfrewshire and we will continue on that journey this year and beyond.” ___________________________________________________

You can support their work - including running information sessions and adult social groups - here:


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