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EDM: East Renfrewshire Larder Initiative

Kirsten Oswald, Member of Parliament for East Renfrewshire, has tabled a motion at Westminster to recognise the tremendous work done by volunteers and community groups across East Renfrewshire and elsewhere throughout the pandemic.

She has highlighted the work of East Renfrewshire Larder, which was founded by local mothers, Jennifer Lawrence and Rachel Fishlock, who were quickly joined by Ceri Dodd, Rachel's colleague at Scottish Fire and Rescue.

East Renfrewshire Larder operates out of the premises of Whitecraigs Rugby Club, which has also provided the group with financial support.

Rachel, a mother of four, said that the group was formed because they recognised that many parents who need help would simply struggle on and go without to feed their kids, and that many people on their own simply have nowhere to turn.

Kirsten said:

“I have been so impressed by the actions of members of our communities during this pandemic. People have simply rolled up their sleeves and started to help their neighbours through tough times.

“I was particularly struck by Rachel’s summary of the ethos of East Renfrewshire Larder, which is that if someone is brave enough to ask for help then they need it.

“We also need to remember the vital role played by the wider community and the volunteers, without whose generous donations and time commitment the vital work done by East Renfrewshire Larder and other groups would not be possible.

“The support of Whitecraigs Rugby Club has been critical to the success of East Renfrewshire Larder, and they deserve to be recognised for the backing they have given.”

Rachel Fishlock said:

“Jennifer has been an inspiration for the group. She was really moved by the plight of families who rely on free school meals and saw the opportunity to pull together as a community and give something back.

“We couldn’t have done all that we have without the support of Whitecraigs Rugby Club who have donated premises and financial support.

“Ceri joined our management group shortly after we were established and has helped us to achieve so much.”

Ceri Dodd said:

“It has been my absolute pleasure to work with Rachel and Jen on this as well as a privilege to be able to support and enable our local communities generosity in these challenging and uncertain times.”


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