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Eaglesham Conservation Village 60th Anniversary

It was great to visit the Eglinton Arms Hotel this week, and meet some of the fantastic community activists who do such great work in Eaglesham, and hand over copies of a recent Early Day Motion I laid down, commemorating the 60th anniversary of Eaglesham being named the first conservation village in the UK, on 12 August 1960.

With celebrations disrupted because of the pandemic, local groups are working towards a series of commemorative events in the year ahead.

The renewal of the village from 1960 on followed a long campaign by residents to protect the village from demolition and to enhance it for future generations.

Kirsten Oswald MP said: "It is great to see such work continue to this day, with both an active local history society and a regeneration group bringing together the history of the village and its future."

"It is impressive to think how many other areas have followed in Eaglesham’s footsteps, and there are now over 600 conservation areas designated in Scotland alone, backed by legislation.”

Cllr Bamforth, said: “Eaglesham’s history and architecture are incredibly important for the success of the village, but it is the people that give the village its real character.

“It is a very varied community, with long-standing local residents working alongside new arrivals to keep the spirit of village living alive. “Eaglesham today is a very good example of what can be achieved if we keep the best from our past, and carry it forward for future generations.”

Carolyn Stark, Events Manager of the Eglinton Arms said: “The village setting is important to visitors to the Eglinton Arms. Visitors from all over the world enjoy the charm of the gorgeous village of Eaglesham.

“The hotel is celebrating 185 years of hospitality this year, having opened in 1835 as a coaching inn with stabling for 6 horses. “After 185 years, the hotel is delighted to be seen as a village hub, helping to support T.R.E.E, the History Society, the Burns Club, Eaglesham Fair and a massively successful Beer Festival.”

Hugh Green, Chair of Eaglesham History Society said “This is a really important milestone for the village, which continues to go from strength to strength. It is difficult to believe plans were drawn up that would have erased the historic and very beautiful village we see today.

“Although the pandemic has forced us to hold off on commemorative events, the History Society and other local groups will continue to promote the legacy of Nina Davidson and Kathleen Whyte and many others who helped preserve and enhance Eaglesham.

“We were extremely pleased to hear that Kirsten Oswald had tabled a motion in Westminster to commemorate Eaglesham’s 60th year as a conservation village, which will generate interest in our work in other communities.

Photo was taken at the memorial stone to Eaglesham’s Bi-centenary, which was celebrated in 1969. It features Cllr Bamforth (front left), Kirsten Oswald (front right), Hugh Green, Chair of Eaglesham History Society (2nd left 2nd row) and representatives of Eaglesham History Society and T.R.E.E. (The Regeneration of Eaglesham’s Environment)


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