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  • Kirsten

Eaglesham Battery Storage Facility

Grateful to all those in Eaglesham who I have spoken to recently regarding the proposed construction and operation of a 40MW Battery Energy Storage Facility with associated infrastructure on the land at the East Side of Glasgow Road, Eaglesham, G76 0DN - you can see the location in the attached image and can read further information at this link:

It’s important we have proper infrastructure to support energy sustainability, but it needs to be in the correct location. This is not.

As well as being right on top of neighbouring houses and a stones thrown from many more local homes, the field earmarked for the facility is right next to very busy roads and a major roundabout - the traffic implications are a real concern. As the site slopes downwards towards the water, it would also require significant work to make it level before any other construction could take place.

The site is also is bounded by an access road - Glasgow Road - which is already narrow, busy, and the main route in and out of Eaglesham - including being the only bus route for many people who commute to work or school. This road, under these plans, would experience significant disruption.

This proposal is not part of the local plan. It is classed as a major development, and as such there is the opportunity make your views known to the company behind the plans at this pre-application stage. You can make your views known, as I have, at by 28th December 2023.

I’m very grateful to everyone who has made a great effort to make neighbours aware and to make paper forms available to those who may struggle with online forms.

I hope that the multiple issues with this site and the concerns raised locally result in a change of plan.


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