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  • Kirsten

Disposable Vapes

Over the moon to see reports this morning that Disposable Vapes are to be banned.

This is perhaps the subject I have spoken on most on the House of Commons in recent years. I have held my own debates, worked with others cross party, asked questions, challenged Ministers, met organisations and campaigners, and pushed and pushed at the issue.

Disposable vapes are horrifically damaging to our environment and to our young people. I will be very happy to see the back of them.

Here's a clip of me last week, having yet another go at this issue.

As an aside, the local ERC Labour administration, working with the Tories, should feel very foolish this morning at being so badly out of step with other local councils in Scotland, having twice voted against motions from Independent and SNP councillors to do what almost every other Scottish Council has done, and push for a local ban. Thankfully it seems likely this matter will be taken out of their hands so we can see action.


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