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  • Kirsten

Debate on Single Parents and Employment

Earlier today, I participated in a debate about Single Parents and Employment. If we do not support single mums and dads in relation to work, we are losing out on their skills and experience, and they and their families lose out too.

Among many issues raised, I welcomed the pilot in Scotland of a four day week. Flexibility in work, where that is possible, is significant in terms of supporting family responsibilities, general and mental wellbeing, and accessibility. Post Covid, single parents and others should not see a simple return to the old days. We must focus on encouraging fair, flexible work.

Younger single parents also experience a significant detriment because the national minimum wage rate for younger age groups is significantly lower than for over 23s. The cost of raising a child is no less if you are a young mum or dad, and this is simply unfair and needs resolved.


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