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  • Kirsten

Debate on Real Fur Sales

Almost 20 years ago fur farming was banned in the UK and nearly 20 countries across Europe have similar provisions.

But despite that ban on fur production, it is currently still legal to import and sell fur from animals that have suffered and died in other countries. In fact, the equivalent of around 2 million animals' worth of fur is imported every year.

This is an unjustifiable double standard, and one which I know is of significant concern to many people in East Renfrewshire. Indeed, the very vast majority of the population are believed to support an outright ban on these imports.

I was glad to contribute to a debate on this topic this week, and point out that many shoppers do not realise when they are buying eg a hat or slippers trimmed with real fur, and if they did realise, they would be appalled.

Time is up for this cruel, outdated practice, and the UK Government should keep pace with public opinion, and put a stop to it now.


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