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DANIEL CAPLAN: 7th December 2020

This afternoon, I spoke in a debate about Childhood Cancers, and in particular about a 17 year old boy from East Renfrewshire, Daniel Caplan.

I am so sorry to say that Daniel passed away last week, having been diagnosed earlier this year with a Diffuse Midline Glioma, which is a brain stem tumour. This terminal diagnosis was unexpected and shattering, and my sincere sympathy is with Daniel's family.

It is shocking to learn that treatments for this particular cancer have not advanced in 40 years, so all politicians from all parties must do whatever posible to keep this issue at the forefront of our priorities. There was absolute consensus today on that point from across the House, and I will keep pushing on this issue, and I know others will do likewise.

The key is research, and that must be our focus is, because we cannot accept that this is the best we can do, and families like Daniel's all over the country deserve all of us to work together to keep pushing this forward.


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