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Covid Update 22nd June 2021

Coronavirus Update:

Current restriction levels will continue for the next 3 weeks but there will be some changes -

From June 28, suppliers of wedding services, and other people employed by the couple getting married will not count towards the cap on numbers at weddings.

Those accompanying the wedding couple down the aisle will no longer need to wear face coverings.

Live entertainment will be possible at receptions - although people will need to be seated at tables.

Guidance for funerals will change so that more people from more than one household can help carry a coffin and take a cord when lowering it.

From July 19, dependent on numbers, the aim is to move to level 0 across Scotland. This means household gatherings indoor can increase and up to 200 people will be able to attend weddings and funerals.

If the data supports, the general indoor physical distancing requirement can be reduced from 2 metres to 1.

Subject to progress, it is hoped that the majority of restrictions can be lifted on August 9


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