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COVID UPDATE: 19th December 2020

You can listen below to Nicola Sturgeon's speech, covering the latest Covid-19 developments which are required because of the preventative action necessary to deal with the new strain of Covid which is 70% more transmissible.

A hard message to deliver and a very hard one to receive, but this is essential to help keep us as safe as possible at this very difficult time.

*Redouble personal efforts to follow rules

*Travel ban between Scotland and rest of UK throughout festive period.

*Christmas relaxation cut to Christmas day only. Try to be outdoors, and only meet if absolutely required.

*From Boxing Day, Level 4 measures across mainland Scotland. Non essential retail, and hospitality closed.

*In January, schools open as normal for vulnerable children and those of keyworkers. For others they will reopen for online learning from 11th January and reopen physically from 18th.

Stay safe, East Renfrewshire.


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