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  • Kirsten

Covid Statement - 12th May 2021

Updated: May 12, 2021

Today, I stood in for Ian Blackford, and asked the Prime Minister about recovery from Covid.

As we move into some kind of new normal, there are critical issues remaining unanswered. It is simply not credible for him to ignore the coming cliff-edge in the autumn, when furlough will end and the £20 uplift to Universal Credit (never applied to legacy benefits, as if people receiving these were not also in need) will be removed.

The lack of any provision for these in the Queen's Speech is troubling, and adds these issues to the lack of action on supporting Excluded groups - so many of whom are in East Renfrewshire, and lack of any notion of tacking shameful fire and rehire practices.

As we move forward, and if we say we wish to learn lessons, some of these lessons must be that those most vulnerable ought not to shoulder the hardest burden of rebuilding.


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