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  • Kirsten

Cost of Living Crisis

Today, while the Tory party continued focussing on its own crisis, SNP MPs brought forward a motion on the cost of living crisis. This is what they should be thinking about, but they're not.

With cuts to Universal credit, a failure to bring in a real living wage, the dropping of the pensions triple lock, two-child limit, NI hikes to come, and the spectre of incredible fuel cost increases and food costing so much more, this is where attention needs to be focussed.

The choices the UK Government makes are hurting people and there is worse to come. In contrast the SNP Scottish Government, with the limited levers at its disposal is focussed on supporting people, whether by the Scottish Child payment, free prescriptions, bus travel for under 22s, tuition fees, dental treatment - I could go on, but the point is that the priorities and policies of the UK Government are making the super-rich richer, and to hang with everyone else.

They need to act now on fuel, and they need to accept their Brexit nonsense is harming people. Jacob Rees Mogg said Brexit would "make food cheaper". What a pile of nonsense. Those who can least afford it are bearing the brunt of this crisis and that is because of the priorities and choices of a UK Government entirely consumed by find new ways to tell us parties are not parties and black is not white.


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