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  • Kirsten

Coronavirus Update 18/3/20

The First Minister has announced that all schools and nurseries in Scotland will close at the end of the day this Friday, 20th March.

Details of how this will be managed for vulnerable children, those who receive free school meals, those expecting to take exams this year, are continuing to be worked on and more information will be provided as soon as possible. The Deputy First Minister will make a statement setting some of this out tomorrow.

There will also be consideration given to how we support childcare for those critical workers we are all relying on just now, and to working with teachers, who undoubtedly know best about many of the issues we face going forward.

I would encourage you to watch this video of the First Minister giving this update. These daily briefings are very important, and can help us all to maintain an awareness of the latest advice, which changes daily as circumstances require.


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