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  • Kirsten

COP26 Youth Engagement Day

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Today at COP26 it was youth and engagement day and I tried to reflect upon the issues and concerns raised with me recently by young people when I have visited schools.

It was a real treat to meet up with constituent Laura - a young environmental activist - and to discuss some of the ways she has engaged other young people in her environmental work.

Along with my colleague Martin Docherty- Hughes MP, I also met Ashley Fairbanks, and discussed indigenous rights, how America is dealing with the climate emergency and the Dakota Pipeline.

Hearing from Al Gore was sobering, and I am clearer than ever that we need to take serious action now. His thoughts on the importance of alternative energy sources and the need to stop producing damaging plastics were helpful and constructive.

I’ve been on a few climate strikes in the past, but obviously missed today’s strike in Glasgow. I know many local young folk were there, and I’m grateful for their continued focus. I will continue to listen to them, and to work to support serious climate action now.


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