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CND EVENT: 12th November 2020

Nuclear weapons have no place in Scotland - or anywhere else. They are no defence against the threats we face today, are extraordinarily expensive, and they morally indefensible.

It was good to be a co-chair and speaker at this very interesting CND event today, joining an international panel of speakers supporting nuclear disarmament, and considering the importance of focussing more on the risk and potential humanitarian implications of having and using nuclear weapons.

I was struck by the discussion around our priorities now, in the Covid era, and the importance of refocussing on what really matters.

In Scotland we feel this issue very keenly, having Trident nuclear weapons parked up a mere stones throw from our biggest population centre. It's time now to accept that these must go.

I am a co-signatory, with MPs from parties across the House of Commons (but no Conservatives) who call upon the UK Government to support the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. The fiftieth state has ratified the treaty, and it is a great shame that the UK is not taking the opportunity to do so. Nobody needs nuclear weapons, and there is no better time to focus on getting rid of them.


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