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  • Kirsten

Clyde Valley Industrial Cadets Bronze Graduation Ceremony

Wonderful to be at the online Clyde Valley Industrial Cadets Bronze Graduation ceremony this morning, and hear of the wonderful projects undertaken by ERC schools who had teams of pupils graduating.

The judges comments demonstrated a huge power of work had been undertaken, and they commented particularly on the quality of research and model making by Barrhead High, the use of new software by Eastwood High, the survey undertaken by Mearns Castle High, and the two teams from Woodfarm were complimented on their professional presentation and impressive construction.

And even better, ERC schools swept the boards, taking ALL the awards!

So a huge congrats to Mearns Castle who won the award for showing the most determination, to Eastwood High for the award for best use of STEM, and to the overall winners who were the Green Gaff Girls team from Woodfarm High School.

What amazing achievements!


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