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  • Kirsten

Clarkston Post Office

Deeply disappointing this week to hear from the Post Office that the Clarkston PO has closed, hot on the heels of the same news in Neilston.

They bill these as temporary closures, but they are only temporary if someone else is willing to come along and run a local PO. If you or anyone you know are interested you can make enquiries at

Our local POs and the staff who work in them are fantastic, and it is a great shame that the important services provided will not be on offer in Neilston or Clarkston at least for now.

The brilliant local POs at Netherlee Post & News, Giffnock Village Store & Post Office and Thornliebank Post Office are all there to help, if you are able to get to them.

This is a concerning issue for communities in East Ren, and hot on the heels of all the Horizon publicity, is not ideal recruitment territory. I didn't feel the UK Government Minister I recently questioned on this was fully engaged with the issue, and I will seek a debate at Westminster on this subject.


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