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  • Kirsten

Christmas Card Competition

Huge thanks to the hundreds and hundreds of East Ren children who entered their fantastic Christmas pictures in my annual Christmas Card competition. It's been lovely popping in to congratulate them all and hand over a wee prize!

Here are the winning entries - a very hard job for me deciding whose designs were best!

The WINNER was Connie McCloy, of Carolside Primary School.

Runner up was a collaborative effort by Callum O’Donnell, Caskie Kennedy, David Oliphant, and Nuala Riley from Isobel Mair School.

P1-2 winner was Martha McLaughlin of Eaglesham Primary

P3-5 winner was Thom Bull of Hillview Primary

P6-7 winner was Lilly-Rose Robertson of St Mark's Primary.

I'm very grateful to all the children who entered, and to all the teachers who supported them to do so.


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