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  • Kirsten

Childhood Cancer Research

In June and again in September I asked at Business Questions about the importance of increasing research into childhood cancers. I know how very important this is to constituents - and some in particular because of the very real impacts on their loved ones.

I have also been writing to the UK Government about this, and, as you can hear, it took 118 days from initial enquiry to get a response, which was, regrettably, not worth the wait in any way whatsoever as it said nothing of any substance which was new. I'm grateful to Jacob Rees-Mogg, who has been helping me chase this up, and as you can see, he recommends, I apply for an Adjournment Debate. In fact, I have already done this, so I am keeping my fingers crossed for a positive response to that application.

We do need to keep speaking about the dearth of research into childhood cancers if we are to move the dial on this, which would potentially make an immeasurable difference to many families.


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