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CHILD REFUGEES: 20th October 2020

This was shameful. Last night the Tory Government - including Scottish Tory MPs - voted to remove child refugee protections and reject every single amendment to the Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination (EU Withdrawal) Bill.

These amendments would have kept families together and supported some of the most vulnerable groups in society including children, asylum seekers and victims of modern slavery, and prevented another Windrush generation.

As it stands, this bill will tear families apart, leave the most vulnerable destitute, and see EU citizens stripped of their rights overnight.

It is a disaster – particularly for Scotland where our working-age population is declining and we need migration, which this bill brutally slashes.

The Scottish Tories have shamelessly dismissed all of these serious concerns. They have put their party first and supported a bill that will impose huge economic hardship on the country they are supposed to represent – which is madness considering many of them represent rural communities. Their credibility is in tatters.

Whilst migration and fiscal powers remain reserved to Westminster, Scotland’s ability to financially recover from the impact of Brexit and coronavirus remains seriously hampered. Successive governments have failed Scotland for decades, but this Bill is one of the biggest disasters in modern times – we desperately need our independence if we are to protect Scotland’s economy and livelihoods.


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