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  • Kirsten

Cervical Cancer Prevention Week

Very glad to support Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust as they call for action to eliminate cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer currently kills two women in the UK every day, and one of the most powerful things we can do is to attend for cervical screenings when called, and I would encourage women in East Renfrewshire to please do this.

Cervical screening coverage in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, which includes East Renfrewshire, is just 61.4%, meaning that almost 2 in 5 local women do not attend their screening when invited.

We have the opportunity to effectively consign a cancer to the history books. Cervical screening and HPV vaccines can both help prevent cervical cancer, and I would encourage everyone who can to make use of these amazing prevention tools.

Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust recognises that attending a screening isn’t always easy, but they are there for you with information and support if you ever need them.


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