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  • Kirsten

Cats Protection - Domestic Abuse

Very pleased to meet Cats Protection this week to discuss how the charity is supporting victim-survivors fleeing domestic abuse.

Their Lifeline service, provides free and confidential cat fostering to enable owners to escape domestic abuse. Really importants when you know that 78% of domestic abuse professionals surveyed had encountered cases where cats were targeted by abusers – often to control or coerce a partner or family member and to stop them leaving.

Because most refuges are unable to take pets, cat owners face the agonising choice of remaining with their abuser or fleeing without their pet, knowing it may come to harm. Horrifyingly, the survey also revealed that 39% of domestic abuse professionals have encountered cases where a cat or kitten has been killed by a perpetrator of domestic abuse.

Cats Protection’s Lifeline service allows victims of domestic abuse to ensure their cats can be moved to a safe foster home away from the abuser, enabling the victim to seek refuge without fearing for their cat’s wellbeing.

Details of how to access Cats Protection’s Lifeline service can be found at

As ever, a big thanks from me to our local groups who work so hard in this area, such as the lovely folk at Cats Protection Giffnock & District Branch


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