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  • Kirsten

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament Event

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Glad to be a speaker at this excellent CND event today, with much thoughtful discussion on the new report - you can find this on the CND website - ‘Nuclear Weapons are Banned! What does this mean for Britain?’

Scotland is home to the UK nuclear arsenal, located just a stone's throw from East Renfrewshire, and it's located here despite the opposition of the Scottish Parliament, STUC, Civic society, the vast majority of Scotland's MPs.

The UK has shamefully decided to increase the number of nuclear weapons in its arsenal by more than 40%. As well as being a horribly concerning policy, this is a flagrant breach of the Non-Proliferation Treaty - the UK Government making it up as it goes along again.

Nuclear weapons are eye-wateringly expensive, militarily futile, and morally wrong. I will always stand against them, and look forward to working further in support of nuclear disarmament.


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