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  • Kirsten

Bunny & Co Mobile Petting Zoo

It's amazing how creative people are in making things work, in this different world we are all living in just now.

This is a lovely idea from Bunny & Co, to make sure that even at a distance people can benefit from interacting with their animals.

Bunny & Co Mobile Petting Zoo

Three weeks ago due to the coronavirous virus Bunny and Co stopped visiting care homes. I could no longer do the job l loved working with my animals and putting smiles on people's faces.

A couple of days ago with the help of my daughter Louise, I was introduced to Zoom. I could do virtual sessions with my animals from my own home and allow residents to see rabbits, guinea pigs. etc and being able to interact with the carers and ladies and gentlemen in the care home It was fab seeing a smile on everyone's faces.

I hope to expand not just into the nursing homes but to anyone whom wants to see the animals and have a wee chat. Please contact me and we will get it sorted.


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