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Brexit Border Plan to Cost Billions as Price of Tory Brexit Soars

The SNP has hit out at the UK government following new reports showing the cost of red tape to secure borders post-Brexit will cost billions.

The Financial Times reported that an extra 215 million customs declarations will have to be filled in post-Brexit, costing £7 billion each year.

The SNP will hold an opposition debate in the House of Commons tomorrow, demanding the UK government seek a Brexit extension to allow government resources to focus on tackling the coronavirus crisis.

SNP Deputy Westminster Leader Kirsten Oswald MP said:

“These shambolic border plans will cost the UK billions of pounds and sign Scotland up to endless red tape when our economy is crying out for billions of investment from a UK government to deal with the economic blow of coronavirus.

“The current health pandemic has refocussed governments across the world, and the SNP will continue to push the UK government to U-turn on its ludicrous decision to plough ahead with a deeply damaging exit from the EU. The time for a Brexit extension is now.

“Boris Johnson and his Brexit-obsessed government are hell-bent on dragging Scotland out of the European Union no matter what the cost - even though our nation voted overwhelmingly to Remain.

“The UK government simply cannot be trusted to govern in Scotland’s best interest. Only with the full powers of independence can Scotland realise its full potential and escape the economically wreckless UK government’s Brexit plans.”


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