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  • Kirsten

Boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics

The utter chaos of the UK Tory Government, and the energies they are having to put in to dealing with it, are causing difficulties on all fronts. Their focus on this means they are not dealing with other matters that they really ought to be.

One such issue is the persecution of religious minorities by the Chinese Government, including the genocide of the Uyghur Muslim population in Xingjiang Province.

The USA, Australia, New Zealand - and today Scotland - has signalled a diplomatic boycott of the games, which is an important means of bringing pressure and raising awareness.

As PMQs I asked about this, and noted that with International Human Rights Day this Friday, the Prime Minister needs to raise his eyes from his chaos, and commit the UK to joining the diplomatic boycott - unless his desperation for trade deals, trumps human rights.

I didn't get much of an answer, but perhaps inadvertently in his hasted to conclude PMQs, he did respond to a later question confirming there would be a diplomatic boycott. He has said it now, and he needs to be held to it.


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