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  • Kirsten

Boris & Rishi Saga

So many questions and no good answers on this fiasco of a U-turn on self isolation by Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak.

And this all matters because it impacts on the health and well-being of everyone else, impacting on receptiveness to public health messaging, adherence to regulations and willingness to do the right thing to keep others safe.

If particiants are placed on the pilot study which we are told Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak are part of and which Michael Gove is apparently also a part of, “at random”, it is surprising that these three individuals were randomly selected and begs questions on how that could be the case. I’d be keen to hear more about this, given this situation.

If, as is reported, Boris Johnson had intended to use this pilot scheme to avoid self isolation and keep working in No10, did he give no though to how the general public would feel about him using this exception, when everyone else is making sacrifices and isolating if they are contacted and asked to do so?

And is he and was he at No10 or Chequers? I’m not usually interested in that level of detail on the PMs movements, but the mixed messaging from the No10 spokesperson matters here, given the understandable public anger and they should just clarify that.

England is having what the UK Government is most unhelpfully calling “Freedom Day” tomorrow. This pandemic is not over. We need to be more cautious in opening up, and we need to accept that this is necessarily difficult.

The gung-ho narrative and continually changing messaging coming from Downing Street make it more difficult for everyone else.

I know it is not easy, but please keep on following the guidance. Keep and others safe by making sure you are up to date with Scotland’s measures:


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