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  • Kirsten

Boris Must Act To Protect UK From New Variant

The SNP has again urged the UK government to follow Scotland’s lead and bring in supervised quarantine for all arrivals to the UK.

This week the Scottish Government announced that all arrivals to Scotland from outside the Common Travel Area must book and pay for managed isolation in quarantine hotels to protect against the risk of new strains of Covid-19 coming into the country from 15th February. The UK government’s plan is to introduce hotel quarantine for people arriving from countries only on the “red list”.

However, public health experts have said this plan is “leaky” and that “a blanket hotel quarantine policy across all countries is a better idea.”

Commenting, the SNP’s Depute Westminster Leader, Kirsten Oswald MP, said:

“The SNP has repeatedly called for tougher border controls to tackle Covid-19 since last spring but the UK government ignored our calls time and again and millions have been allowed to enter the UK without proper public health checks.

“If Boris Johnson will not listen to us he should at least listen to the experts who are advising that the best way forward is to bring in supervised quarantine for all arrivals to the UK – as the SNP Scottish Government is doing in Scotland.

“The Scottish Government has followed the science and done what it can within its power - but this will not stop new strains coming into Scotland via elsewhere in the UK. We need Westminster to act.

“Boris Johnson’s continued method - in the middle of a global health pandemic - is to dither and delay and it is putting lives at risk. The Prime Minister must take his head out of the sand, listen to the experts and bring in a comprehensive system of supervised quarantine for the whole of the UK – to stem the spread of the virus and its different variants.”


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