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  • Kirsten

Black Lives Matter EDM

Parliamentary motions are often lengthy, because lot of detail is needed. This motion, which I laid down yesterday, is more to the point:


I am very grateful to Anne McLaughlin and Dawn Butler MP for joining me as sponsors, and I am glad to see as of 1.30pm, that 39 MPs from a range of parties have signed. I am confident many more will join them. Surely all MPs must agree with this motion.

Of course, motions such as this, in solidarity, are important, but they are not enough. We need to accept that racism is real and it is something that is not confined to America. The horrendous scenes there should give us all pause for thought. Let's take the steps needed to be better.

I am grateful that Dawn Butler is coordinating a letter from MPs urging the UK Government to stop - in line with international obligations - supplying the US Government with goods like anti personnel gas and rubber bullets, they know are being misused. The PM refused to agree to this when Ian Blackford asked him about this at Prime Minister's questions today. He should look around, and think again.


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