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  • Kirsten

Best of Barrhead Awards

You can nominate now for the best of Barrhead businesses, with the Best of Barrhead Awards. Loads of fantastic local businesses to pick from!

" As we start a new week, let's take a moment to pause and appreciate the incredible contributions of our local businesses.  

Nominations are now open for the All About Barrhead Awards, celebrating excellence in various categories:

 Independent Business of the Year

 National Business of the Year

 Customer Excellence

 Employee of the Year

 Impact in the Community

 Young Person of the Year

 Initiative of the Year

 Barrhead Star

Nominate those who've made a positive impact! Let's focus on recognising and celebrating each other's achievements! Click here for more details of all the categories and to make your nominations

 #MindfulMonday Reminder to: Pause, Breathe, Focus."


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