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  • Kirsten

BEIS Questions 8th June 2021

Today, there was a UK Government statement on Employment. Given that the promised Employment Bill did not appear in the Queen's Speech, I wondered if this was the means by which retrograde employment practices like Fire and Rehire might be tackled, and support provided for precarious employment, flexible working, outlawing pregnancy discrimination...

But no.

This was the most mealy-mouthed statement I have ever heard, and on Fire and Rehire the UK Government solution to this is to issue guidance. It is as plain as the nose on your face that guidance will be of absolutely no concern to unscrupulous employers, and this certainly does not bode well for employment standards.

The UK Government evidently won't protect employment standards or promote fair work. Time to devolve employment law so the Scottish Government can. No wonder more and more people see Westminster at work and recognise we would make far better choices as an independent country.

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