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BBC DEBATE NIGHT: 8th October 2020

As we move into the latest phase of resitrictions, one thing is ever clear: this is a very challenging time, and people are being asked to make all kinds of sacrifices to protect health and wellbeing.

One of the serious challenges we currently face is the fact that the UK Chancellor has decided that furlough is coming to an end. In some sectors which are very hard pressed, but provide valuable and viable jobs aside from covid, this is particularly concerning.

We do not need to have this furlough cliff edge, shunting people out of jobs. If we continue down this road, so many more jobs will be lost unnecesarily.

Other countries are able to provide longer term support, and we should be doing the same. The Scottish Government has not got the powers required to do this, so is working with one hand behind their backs.

I made this point last night on Debate NIght - we need the ability to preserve jobs, and to do so now.


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