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  • Kirsten

Barrhead News Column 27/08/20

My latest Barrhead News column, considering the importance of having a government which listens.

I also talk about the furlough scheme and my concerns about the hardship that pulling this in October, as the UK Government plans, will cause - we instead need to look to countries like Germany, where they are implementing a much longer scheme, which would benefit many sectors, and of course save many jobs. The SNP have been calling for this for months, and I sincerely hope that these calls are heeded.

And I reinforce the importance of us all shopping local and supporting our high streets and local businesses wherever we are able.

It's interesting that my column is on the same page of the paper as that of Laura Molloy of East Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce. I kept Laura's column in the picture I am publishing here, because I think what she says about the significant efforts being made by local businesses really matters. We all benefit a great deal from the success of local shopping areas and local business, and this is the time when they need our support more than ever.


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