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Thanks to the Barrhead News for giving me the opportunity to put some of the huge thanks we owe those who have stepped forward this year into print in my Christmas message. There are so many people, organisations, groups who have made an amazing difference to others this year. Thank you all.

TEXT READS: Christmas Message – Kirsten Oswald

It has been a year like no other, and it will be a different kind of Christmas too. 2020 has brought enormous challenges, and this Christmas my thoughts are very much with those in East Renfrewshire who have been affected by the Covid pandemic. In this dark time, we have seen the most amazing selfless generosity of spirit from the dedicated community organisations and many hundreds of volunteers who have kept our community going with practical support and human kindness during this extraordinary time. I know that this Christmas too, these unseen heroes have been working away, making sure that Christmas magic reaches into homes all over our local area. That true spirit of Christmas, and of solidarity and care for our neighbours, is exactly what our front line workers have displayed all year. Our health and care staff, emergency services, retail and delivery staff, refuse collectors and school teams are amongst the many whose tireless efforts have kept everyone else going. I know we are all hugely grateful for their continued endeavours. I wish all our front line teams, volunteers and community organisations, and everyone in all of our East Renfrewshire Communities a peaceful and happy Christmas.


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