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  • Kirsten

Banning Disposable Vapes

Anyone following this page will be aware of the ongoing work I have been doing on the topic of disposable vapes, which deeply concern me for environmental and health reasons.

I was delighted to see as one of the many very welcome announcements in Humza Yousaf's first Programme for Government that there will be a consultation on the banning of single use vapes. You can see the welcome given to this announcement by Public Health Scotland here:

I'm very grateful to the Advertising Standards Authority for meeting me today to discuss the advertising of these single use vapes. I am deeply concerned about the advertising of them on social media platforms, and the targeting of these items, and the advertising of them, towards teenagers, many of whom are too young to smoke and who have never smoked before.

Smoking cessation support is vital, but that's not what these single use vapes are. They are environmentally damaging, and they are damaging our young folk too. I'll keep pressing for all possible measures to get rid of them.

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