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  • Kirsten

Ban Conversion Therapy Debate

This evening, I led for the SNP in a debate in the new hybrid Westminster Hall set-up, on the need to ban Conversion Therapy. This is a topic which many local residents have written to me about, and I share their concerns about the lack of action despite the UK Government having committed to bringing forward a ban on 'therapies' to 'convert' LGBT people.

No-one should have their identity under debate or be compelled to undergo 'conversion' in what were described in harrowing terms by some speakers. I was very glad to hear the complete consensus from speakers across the polical spectrum on the need to act and bring in the promised ban, but utterly disappinted in the can-kicking of the UK Government Minister, who can always find new long grass to kick issues into. This should be straightforward and uncontroversial, and I hope she picks up the pace and gets this sorted out.


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