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  • Kirsten

Back to School

A first day at school like no other today.

I hope that all of our new and returning pupils across East Renfrewshire have a good day, enjoy seeing their friends, and settle into the new routine.

Huge thanks to the teachers, school and education staff, and parents and carers who have worked so hard to support them over recent months. I know how much work has been done in preparation for the return to the new normal school.

Grateful to John Swinney also for taking the time to properly listen to young people raising concerns, and for taking swift action on qualifications. Any changes to results will be notified by the school over coming days.

Our children have kept going in very difficult times, and adapted to the new situation with such good grace. I wish them all a great first day back, and I hope that they feel the benefits of returning to the school routine.


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