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  • Kirsten

Autism Awareness and Acceptance Week

This is Autism Awareness and Acceptance week.

At the moment, we are all focussed on keeping ourselves and those around us safe and well during the coronavirus crisis.

Many people are finding the current situation very challenging, and some are facing particular challenges.

I have heard from a number of folk who are autistic or have someone who is autistic in their family group.

This is a particularly difficult time for these families. Sometimes the difficulty is because of the impact of this significant change to routine, which can be distressing and challenging. Sometimes it is because a very restricted diet is sometimes all someone can manage, and that is hard to deal with just now.

Sometimes, it is just because other people don't realise, and don't react kindly, if they see someone different, or someone behaving differently to them.

In fact, there are lots of families with ASN who are having a tough time just now. We can all help a bit, by appreciating that everyone is not all the same, and that we are all doing our best to manage in our own way.

If you're interested in finding out more, you can follow the new @naseastrenfrewshire page, or the National Autistic Society Scotland, on facebook, or at

There are a lot of brilliant folk locally, including East Renfrewshire Council, Voluntary Action East Renfrewshire SCIO, all our school staff, and local businesses like the Turban Tandoori who are working hard and making a difference for the people I have been in touch with.

Thank you all.

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