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  • Kirsten

Austerity isn't inevitable

Yesterday the Prime Minister was asked six different times to apologise for the disaster of the Tory mini-budget and the financial crisis it caused. All six times, he refused to say sorry.

This morning, people woke up to the news that this Christmas they'll be hit with the worst inflation in 41 years.

Just like his boss, the deputy Prime Minister wouldn't apologise - clearly sorry really is the hardest word.

Tomorrow's budget will impose Austerity 2.0 on us all. That's the political choice the Tories are making. But there are always different and better choices.

This week the Scottish Child Payment rose to £25 a week - a 150% increase in eight months - and it will help 400,000 children.

One of the things the UK Government should do tomorrow is to join the fight against child poverty tomorrow, follow the lead of the Scottish Government, and match the Scottish Child Payment.


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