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  • Kirsten

Assistance for British Council employees in Afghanistan

My office team and I have been busy assisting many constituents with family members in Afghanistan and Afghan nationals with local connections. That led me yesterday to ask Dominic Raab about British Council employees who, inexplicably, are not counted as vulnerable, despite the obvious connection.

It took repeated correspondence to the Foreign Office, and the MOD and the Home Office before they finally confirmed to me that British Council staff were ineligible. I asked Dominic Rabb to explain this and outline how they could now be assisted, but he clearly had absolutely no idea what I was talking about, or what information his department had given me. A further letter is on its way to him today, again seeking information which British Council staff can actually rely on.

Like all MPs, I still have a good deal of correspondence on Afghanistan cases with the UK Government which has just not been answered - these are cases where vulnerable people are trapped and seeking help. The UK Government have dropped the ball with lives at stake, and it is just not good enough.


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