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  • Kirsten

APPG Against Hate Crime

As a vice chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group against Hate Crime, I’m very aware of anxieties in Muslim, Jewish, Catholic and other communities currently.

We are privileged to live in a diverse area with such a broad range of religious, cultural and other communities as East Renfrewshire. We are all the better for that rich diversity.

As well as the anti-hate crime APPG, I am also a vice chair of the APPG against Anti Semitism, APPG British Muslims, and APPG Sikhs, and a member of APPG Freedom of Religion and Belief, APPG Unconcious Bias, APPG LGBT+, and a range of other groups focused on ensuring fairness, equality and good relations are always a priority. That matters here in East Ren as it does everywhere.

Glad to a useful discussion at APPG against Hate Crime this week on not allowing politics of hate to divide communities: this is so important particularly at the present time when many have heightened concerns.


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