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  • Kirsten

Al-Ahli Arab Hospital Explosion

Yesterday I had the opportunity to express the deep sorrow of constituents in East Renfrewshire at the situation in the Middle East. This is a sorrow I share. Many local families have links to Israel and Gaza and are anxious, concerned, and worried about any local impacts too. I am here to support all constituents, and if there is particular help I can offer in relation to these worries or families concerned about loved ones overseas, please let me know:

This week, I urged the Foreign Secretary to focus on delivering humanitarian aid, which is so important for innocent civilians caught up in this most chaotic and dangerous time. I know that he was receptive to my call, and I hope that we can see some progress.

The First Minister, in his calls for humanitarian action, has said that too many innocent men, women and children are suffering. He has said to our Jewish, Muslim and Palestinian communities, that these are communities he loves and he shares the pain they are suffering.

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