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  • Kirsten

Afghan Refugee Collection

Thanks very much to Sammy and Vicci Stein who organised a vast collection for Afghan refugees, in support of work being undertaken by Glasgow Afghan United.

Sammy came in to tell me all about it, and here he is with a very small fraction of the collection, which has been made at the Maccabi Centre, as well as Spiersbridge House, where I have my office. People have been incredibly helpful and generous. It has been an absolutely mammoth effort, and there will be much remaining to do.

It was lovely to hear all about the incredible generosity of local people, stepping up to be part of this fantastic initiative. I take my hat off to Sammy, Vicci, and everyone involved.

The collection of clothes and goods has halted for now as they sort things out ready for new homes, but you can donate to the Glasgow Afghan United crowdfunder here.


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