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  • Kirsten

Access to Cash

Access to cash remains vital in our communities across East Renfrewshire.

Those who rely on others to do their household shopping, including those who receive care at home, are particularly hard hit by the loss of free access to cash. Many small businesses also continue to prefer cash payments.

Right across East Renfrewshire there are many individuals who require access to cash, including many who are vulnerable or receiving care. It is clear that the banking sector is currently failing to protect free access to cash.

People are rightly concerned that the loss of free to use ATMs and bank branches closing, is going to leave these individuals struggling to access cash.

Communities in East Renfrewshire have experienced the loss of many free to use services, with the closure of the Clarkston Bank of Scotland branch just the latest in this long-term decline.

That is why I was delighted to sign up to a call for the UK Government to act now to reverse this trend and ensure that free access to cash is protected in law. No one should have to pay every time they need access to their own money.


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